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Open Rewards Program

Program Update: The 2024 Southlake Open Rewards Program has come to an end! All funds that have been allocated to this initiative have now been depleted. We want to thank everyone for their enthusiastic participation in this pilot program, we’ve seen a remarkable increase in local shopping, dining, and entertainment which reinforces the vibrant spirit of our community. This program not only supported our wonderful local businesses but also provided great benefits to our patrons. Stay tuned for more exciting opportunities and remember to keep supporting local Southlake businesses!


Welcome to the Southlake Open Rewards Program: Where Savings Meet Satisfaction! Discover a world of rewarding shopping experiences in the vibrant city of Southlake. Our groundbreaking Southlake Open Rewards Program invites you to indulge in retail therapy, savor delectable cuisines, and explore exciting destinations while enjoying an unbeatable 5% cash back, all through the Open Rewards application. With over 260 retail stores and 130 renowned dining establishments, the city boasts a diverse range of options that promise an unforgettable journey through shopping, dining, and leisure. Post your shopping and dining photos, tag us (@VisitSouthlake), and use the hashtag #SouthlakeOpenRewards. Make every experience in Southlake rewarding!

Download the Open Rewards app in the Apple App Store or the Google Play Store.


How to Participate


Download the Open Rewards: Shop Local app created by Bludot Technologies inc.


Click “Sign Up” and create your Personal Profile.


Link (or don’t link) your card. You can gain rewards by either linking your card or snapping a photo of your receipts.


Choose “Southlake” as the community where you’ll be using Open Rewards. 


Shop, dine and play in Southlake to begin earning rewards!


Take photos and videos of your shopping and dining experience to share on social media. Tag us @VisitSouthlake and use the hashtag #SouthlakeOpenRewards.

Want to sign up?

Download the Open Rewards app in the Apple App Store or the Google Play Store.


Where can I earn rewards?

Any businesses shown in the app are eligible to earn rewards. You can see a full list and map in the Discovery tab. 

    I have money in my rewards balance. How do I take it out/use it for shopping?

    If your community is set for direct payout, simply click on “Payout” on your home screen.

    Otherwise, you can redeem your rewards balance towards any purchase at a listed business in your community. To do that, you’ll first make a purchase at a listed business, then submit a “Redeem” request in the app; once processed, you’ll receive the cash back in your selected payout method. For more instructions, please see

    My request is showing "pending". How long does it take for requests to process?

    Requests are typically processed within 1-2 business days. It may take longer from time to time in case of larger volume, up to a week. Please rest assured that we are hard at work getting everyone’s requests processed as soon as possible.

    My Claim request has been approved but Redeem request is still pending

    Claim requests and Redeem requests are processed in different queues so you may see a little difference in timing. Kindly stay tuned.


    I already submitted a purchase, and it was approved, but I didn't get my payout?

    Double check if you submitted a Claim request or a Redeem request! Claim requests let you earn more rewards from your purchases; Redeem requests let you cash out your rewards as a rebate. If you didn’t submit a Redeem request, go ahead and click on “Redeem” on your home screen, select the business where you shopped at and submit the receipt. Once processed, you’ll receive the cash back via your payout method.

    If you did do that but still didn’t get your payout, please contact support and we can assist you.

    What are the requirements for receipt submissions?

    Receipt submissions shall meet the following requirements:

    1. Includes identifiable information about the business (business name and address)
    2. Includes the date of the purchase (only purchases made on or after the program launch date in your community are eligible)
    3. Includes the amount of the purchase (only printed amounts are accepted, not handwritten amounts) and payment method
    4. Must be legible and show the complete receipt image (not folded, cropped, or otherwise obscured)

    We reserve the right to request additional information from you to validate your purchase as part of our fraud prevention efforts.

    Are any purchases not eligible to earn or redeem rewards?

    The following purchases are not eligible to earn or redeem rewards:

    5. Purchases made before the program launch
    6. Purchases where the business is only acting as a point of sale, eg. lottery tickets
    7. Money services such as bill payments, cashiers check, check cashing, ATM withdrawals, ATM fees, cashback, etc.
    8. Loading a stored value card such as gift cards, pre-paid cards, etc.

    Do my rewards expire?

    If your rewards have an expiration date, they will be shown in the “expiry” section of your app. If you don’t see anything with an expiry, that means they don’t expire. This is subject to change depending on your community’s admin.

    Can I earn rewards at the other cities on the app or only my home city?

    Yes! You can very much shop in any of the other cities on the app and earn rewards in those cities! The rewards in each community’s wallet is redeemable in that community only.

    Can I participate if I don't live in the city but in another city nearby?

    Yes! The program is open to any consumers regardless of where you live.

    I went to a listed business and they said they don't know about this program

    That is perfectly ok! It is very possible that the local business you are visiting does not know what to do with this program, because there is nothing they need to do! Simply follow the tutorials in the app or if you have any questions, contact us directly.

    I accidentally submitted the receipt to the wrong business

    That’s ok! We’ll correct it during processing.

    Can I connect more than one card?

    Yes! To connect additional cards, you can navigate to your Profile -> Linked Accounts and Cards -> + Link Card.

    What if I have different cards that are associated with the same bank account?

    If you have different cards under different people (eg. your spouse, another authorized user, etc) but the cards link to the same bank account, it should only be added by 1 user to prevent duplicate transactions. If we detect duplicate cards, it will be deleted.

    How to delete my account?
    Please contact us at with your request and we will proceed from there.