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Breathtaking feelings
Southlake has so many things to keep your day filled. Of course, we are proud of our shopping and dining available with boundaries of Southlake, but there are great things waiting beyond the surface here.

You’d probably expect a place named Southlake to have a perfectly planned feeling. And in this regard, you’d be right on the mark. Our people are the epitome of Texas geniality, welcoming strangers with open doors and genuine smiles. But in everything else, Southlake may throw your expectations for a bit of a loop.

We are no bedroom community, but a city steeped in pride, safety and community. Ours is the story of American industry and Texan ingenuity.

Pick Your Passion

Red Door Escape Room

Historical Tour

Public Art Viewing

pet friendly

Southlake Spas

evo entertainment

Southlake Splash pads