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Splash Pads

City of Southlake’s Splash Pad Systems

There are two different style splash pad systems and both achieve a safe and healthy facility that aligns with CDC Best Practices and the Texas Administrative Code.  The City of Southlake has working examples of each type of these systems and are noted below.

Bicentennial Park Playground

The Bicentennial Park amenity is a flow-through, or single-use splash pad, that uses the City’s public drinking (potable) water to feed all spray features and activities. After the water is sprayed by play features, it runs to drains on the pad base, which are routed directly to the park’s retention pond which is used to irrigate the 82-acre park. By routing runoff water directly to the pond, this system ensures clean, fresh water is always being used by pad features. This design relies on the City’s drinking water utility system, a system with several fail safes and a published Water Quality Report. The water spraying out at this spray pad is equivalent to the water spraying out of your shower at your home.

Champions Club

The Champions Club amenity is a recirculation style splash pad that uses filtration and disinfection systems to clean water that is reused within the splash pad system; the same process that keeps public swimming pools clean. Water flows from the drains on the pad to a main collection tank. Water from the collection tank flows through a filtration system, consisting of a filter, UV disinfection system, and disinfection treatment. Only after flowing through this system, is the water pumped to the features that patrons interact with. State-of-the-art chemical controllers and monitoring systems are used to ensure proper water chemistry and quality are maintained to the requirements of the Texas Department of State Health Services Public Swimming Pool and Spa code, and the Public Interactive Water Feature Code, which aligns with the recommendations for healthy swimming from the Centers for Disease Control (CDC).